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It is often said that 'charity begins at home' and in the sense that a mans first duty is to his children and immediate family, this is true. When the first Masonic charities were founded, over 150 years ago, their aim was to support poor and distressed Freemasons and their families.

These charities quickly became successful and were thereby able to spread their support to charitable causes in the community at large. During the last five years the Freemasons Grand Charity has given more than £25,000,000 for a wide range of non-Masonic causes, including medical research, community care, education and work with young people.

Collections for Masonic charities are usually conducted at Lodge meetings and other Masonic functions. In this way money is collected only from Freemasons, or occasionally from their family and friends.

As well as supporting national Masonic charities and local community activities, Essex Freemasons are proud of their TLC (Teddies for Loving Care) Appeal. This scheme provides a continuing supply of cuddly toys to the Accident and Emergency Departments of each hospital in the province. Staff in the A & E departments are encouraged to give a teddy or other cuddly toy to any distressed child who is admitted for treatment. The toy, of course, immediately belongs to the child and is for them to take home after treatment. In the first 10 months, over 16,000 distressed children at Essex A&E units have been comforted with a TLC Teddy from the Freemasons of Essex.

Festival 2011

Cranbrook Lodge No. 4609 attains GRAND PATRON status.

See the weblink on the links page for full details or contact your Charity Steward.

Provincial Charities

Charities that Lodges at Loughton support include 'Our Friends in Need'.

1. The T.L.C. Appeal (http://www.cweb1.com/tlc/index.html)

2. The Association of Friends At Stisted Hall

3. Lifelites 

4. The Helen Rollason Cancer Charity

5. The Southend & Essex Masonic Welfare Trust

6. Essex Air Ambulance

7. Essex Provincial Charity Fund

8. Hamilton Court

and other local non-masonic charities.